Navratri Murti Visarjan


Murti visarjan is done on the last day of navratri i.e tenth day. In some places, people perform the visarjan on the ninth day. There is a certain procedure for the murti visarjan. Visarjan is a sanskrit word which is a ritual act of respectfully requesting the deity to proceed with the departure. On nine days, we worship the goddess in the form of murti(idol). When the pooja is completed, the presiding deity is requested to depart from the murti.

It is done after feeding the kanyas on the ninth day. You need to take flowers and rice in right hand and thank all the gods and goddesses for attending the pooja. After this, take the coconut and distribute it as a prasad to all your family members. Now you can take the idol and proceed for the visarjan. It is to be noted that bhoomi visarjan is same as water visarjan. After the law passed from Indian court to control the water pollution, murti visarjan in water bodies is prohibited for a nobel cause.

Navratri Jaware Visarjan

Jaware visarjan are done on the ninth day of navratri of spring season. On this day, javare visarjan is performed with all rules and regulation with proper procedure. Before the visarjan, perform a pooja of goddess durga by holding flower, and rice in right hand. Chant the mantra and then offer them to the feet of the goddess. Now again take rice and flower in hand and chant the mantra for visarjan and complete the jaware visarjan.

It is to keep in mind that after visarjan, you should not throw the jaware instead you must distribute them among your family members and consume it as a prasad. By doing so, it is believed that the power which was developed in those jaware during these nine days enters our body, Apart from jaware, you can do the visarjan of all other things you used in navratri.

Rules Before and After Visarjan

Durga visarjan must be done at an appropriate time. It can be done during Aparahana time or pratakhala time. Pratakhala time is when the dashmi tithi is prevailing. In most of the years, the good time for murti visarjan falls during morning time, but, if both shravana nakshatra and dashmi tithi prevails together on the aparahana, then aparahana muhurat is given preference to the morning time.

During visarjan, all the devotees who are present there have to hold flowers in their right hand and offer it to all gods and goddesses. Then the one who is performing the visarjan must take akshat and flowers in his right hand and recite the holy mantra when performing the visarjan. After the visarjan, the devotee can offer the flowers in front of gods. After the completion of the puja, all the members must bow down to the one who performed the puja and offer him dakshina.