Third Day of Navratri - Maa Chandraghanta

'Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu, Maa Chandraghanta Devi Rupen Samshthita | Namashtashyi Namastashyi, Namastashyi Namo Namah ||'

'To that Devi, who present in all forms is abiding in the third form of Goddess Shakti known as Maa Chandraghanta Devi, a lot of Salutations to Her, a lot of Salutations to Her, Millions Salutations again and again.'

On the third day, Goddess Chandraghanta is worshiped which is another form of Goddess Durga. On this day of Durga Pooja, devotees offer great dedication and respect to this form of Goddess Durga. There is a bong shaped mark of moon on her forehead which glorifies the Devi with the name “Chandra Ghanta”. Chandra is denoted as moon in Hindi language and Ghanta is used for Bell. Her appearance is like a shining gold and her portrait is presented with her ten arms holding Kharag (Sobre) with other various edges in other arms. She is the advocator of bravery and keeps all the negative energy away.

Chandraghanta Maa

Chaitra Navratri Third Day 2019 Date: 08th April, 2019 (Monday)

She rides on a lion and her appearance signifies her posture who is always prepared to fight the Devil. Her bong is considered to be very strong as its loud echo can terrify the demons. On this day, worshipping Goddess Chandraghanta has a great significance. Devotees offer prayers and the Sadhak can feel the immense glimpse of divine things of the universe. It is believed that the power of this goddess is so strong that one can feel the depth of heavenly feelings.

Navratri Third Day Colour: Grey color

Navratri Third Day Bhog : Milk Products like Kheer

Navratri Third Day Daan : Sweets

It is believed that worshiping Goddess Chandraghanta can remove your sins and can remove your obstacles from your life. She is worshiped as the remover of sufferings who removes devil obstacles from one’s life. She makes her followers courageous and mighty by giving them divine power to overcome any fear. She blesses her devotees and followers to gain respect, name, fame and glory.

On third day of Navaratri, she is worshiped and requested to remove all the miseries from the lives of her devotees. Her image is represented as a destroyer of devils but for her worshipers, she is very kind and gentle.

Worshiping on this day can fill your aura with positivity which can help you stand in the chaos of people. Her glory and grace is eternal filled with positive energy.

The rituals which are performed on this day are very simple. One has to worship all the gods, goddesses, planets, family members of the Goddess including Ganesh and Kartikey. One can purify himself by devoting themselves to Goddess Chandraghanta for this day. The saints are contented with her appearance and worship her by chanting holy mantras.

Shri Chandraghanta Devi Maa Mantra to recite

Pindaj Pravaarudh chandkopastrkairyuta | Prasadam Tanute Madhyam Chandraghanteti vishrutaa ||