Singhare Ka Halwa

A special treat for people observing fast on Navratra and other festivals!

Singhare ke atte ka halwa

The sweet delight is made of water chestnut. It is delicious and gives hunger satisfaction. During Navratra devotees who are on fast like to add this delicious sweet Halwa in their menu. It tastes great and the recipe is quite simple. Before heading to the recipe, let’s know about the benefits of Water chestnuts and why people like to eat during fast.

What is Singhara?

It is known as Water caltrop, Water Chestnut, Bat Nut, Devil Pod and many other names. The fruit is cultivates in a slow-moving water. It is actually gained from aquatic plants that grow 5 m deep into water. Cultivation needs warm temperature. It comes into the category of fruit. The weather of Africa is considered well suitable for cultivation of the fruit. Indians call it Singhara because the shape of the fruit looks like a popular India snack called Singhara.

It is juicy and sweet. It has no fat. The seasonal fruit flour is considered perfect during fast because it is easy to digest and is nutritious. It gives energy to body. According to nutritionists, it is a good source of potassium. Let’s move to recipe.

Serving- 2 | Preparation Time – 5 minutes |Cooking Time- 35 minutes


Quantity Description
1 Cup Singhare ka atta
1 Cup Sugar
4 + 1/2 cup Water
6 tablespoon Ghee
1/2 tablespoon Green cardamoms powder
1/2 tablespoon Almonds (shredded)

Method for Making Singhare Atte Ka Halwa:

• Heat the pan and add the ghee. Melt it first and then add the flour

• Stir-fry over medium flame to avoid burning or scorching (constantly fry with the help of spatula

• At the same time, place water and sugar in another pan to let the sugar dissolve over medium flame

• Keep on simmer the mixture

• When the flour seems fried enough, add the sugar water onto it along with cardamom

• Bring it to boil and then simmer till liquid is observed

• At this stage, you don’t need to stir occasionally

• It is fully cooked in just 5-7 minutes. You can see a thin line of ghee around the pan edges

• Now serve this sweet delight with beautiful garnishing of shredded almonds

How do you find the dish? Doesn’t it easy? It is delicious and a healthy treat for people observing 9 days fast during Navratra.