Sabudana Khichdi

Learn Navratra special Sabudana Khichdi. The dish prepares quickly and the flavour is amazing. Before heading to how to prepare the recipe, let’s learn about Sabudana.

Sabudana Khichdi Recipe

According to Wikipedia, Sabudana is known as Tapioco Sago which is a processed and ready to cook agriculture food product. The only source of the food product is Tapioca Root which is known as Cassava internationally. During fast and sickness, Sabudana is considered a full of nutritious dish because it is light. The food item is used to prepare variety of dishes. During Navratra fast, Sabudana Ki Khichdi is one of the most common dishes. It beats hunger, gives a kind satisfaction that you have something as a meal and provides lots of energy.

Let’s prepare the dish which is quite simple.

Recipe of Sabudana ki Khichdi

Preparing the dish needs some pre-planning. It requires soaking of Sabudana pearls for a few hours before. But here the question is how to make the perfect Khichdi that gives yummy taste and looks delicious. Many people end up getting mushy and sticky pearls all the time. You don’t need to worry for this. The step by step recipe will let you cook a perfect khichdi.

Carefully take the ratio- 1 cup water : 1 cup sabudana

Soak it for 3-4 hours then carefully drain with the help of a sieve

Note: Excess water can result in a sticky mess that you can’t reverse.

Add peanuts and carrots to make the dish more nutritious and colourful. This is optional. Ask your family members whether you can add peanuts and carrots.

Serving- 2 | Cooking Time- 20 minutes


Quantity Description
1 Cup Soaked Sabudana
1 Large Potato
1 or 2 chopped Green Chilli
1 tablespoon peanuts
1 tablespoon Ghee
½ teaspoon roasted cumin seeds
½ teaspoon dried mint leaves
½ teaspoon chilli powder
5-6 curry leaves
1 tablespoon green coriander
1 tablespoon lime juice
As per taste Salt


• Drain with the help of a sieve and spread over a thick cotton cloth for about 1 hr. It is must that water should be drain out completely, otherwise Sabudana will stick and form lumps.

• Mix Sabudana, peanuts, salt and chilli powder very well, make sure the pearls coated well.

• Heat the ghee on a pan and add cumin seeds. After that add diced potato and cook it for a while till the potato gets soft. Now add sabudana mixture and over a low heat cook it. The dish takes a couple of minutes to cook well.

• Take it off heat and add lemon juice on it and mix it well

• Serve after garnishing green chilli and green coriander