Navratri Rituals and Customs

The major festival, Navratri, is celebrated all over India to worship the Goddess of power “Durga” followed by several customs and rituals. Devotees like to clean their homes for the welcome of the Goddess to place the images in homes and temples considering as a ritual of Navratri. Then the prayers are performed with some bhajans and offerthe fruits and flowers by the devotees. Also, the devotees believe to remain on fast either for two days consecutively or to fast for all nine days of Navratri.

Navratri Rituals

The custom is also to grow barley seeds in the mud layer in the small pot on the first day of navratri. Once the seeds are grown up they are distributed among the devotees on the last day of navratri as a blessing of Goddess durga. The first three navratri days have the importance of Goddess durga’s energy and power that are worshipped by the devotees. Also each day of navratri is dedicated to the nine forms of Goddess Durga each having special significance of its own.

Devotees worship on the next three days of navratri for the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Goddess of Lakshmi is worshipped on these days by the devotees.Also, the Goddess of knowledge, music and all creative arts is worshipped on the seventh and eighth day of the navratri. Yagna is also performed to worship goddess Saraswati.Finally, the ninth day of navratri thatis celebrated in Sept and October reaches to the end with the absorption of goddess durga idols in water.

The famous featured dances like Dandiya and Garba are performed on the evenings of Navratri, specially in Gujarat. Garba is usually presented before the 'aarti' takes place as a religious dance performance dedicated to goddess by the devotees while Dandiya is performed to spread happiness and love among all.

In September-October Navratri celebrations, the tenth day is celebrated as Dussehra. On this day, devotees perform 'Saraswati Puja', for blessings of knowledge and mental peace. On this very day, the burning of the dummy of demon king Ravana also takes place that symbolize to remove all the evil and bad spirits from the earth.

This can be truly said that India is a place with lots of celebrations on several festivals followed by various customs, traditions and rituals. Among which this Navratri festival is also celebrated by every Indian fellow with full effort and energy.