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Navratri Puja Vidhi

Navratri is a very big festival for Indians. It is celebrated with utmost purity following all the customs and rituals and exact method.

2019 Navratri Pujan Vidhi


The devotee should collect all the goods/items in advance for the seamless processing of navratri pooja. The items required includes an Idol of Goddess Durga or her picture. A sari to offer to the deity, Durga Saptshati book, fresh grass, red sacred powder for tilak, sandalwood, one coconut, rice, mango leaves, red sacred thread, Ganga water, Areca nuts (supari), Betel leaves (paan), cardamom, cloves, kumkum, and gulal. You may also collect fresh flowers and sweets for Navratri poojan vidhi.

Procedure of Navratri Puja Vidhi:

For the vidhi, get up early in the morning and take a bath and wear clean clothes. The morning time is the best for the Navratri pooja. The next step is to lit the ‘Akhand Jyot’ but keep in mind that you can’t leave the house vacant if you are lighting the ‘Akhand Jyot’. Someone must always stay at home to take care of the ‘akhand jyot’. On the right side of the idol, you can keep the agarbattis(incense sticks). Now keep the coconut and kalash in front of the idol and sit on a mat in upright position. Now you can light the deep, ring the bell and blow the shankh. At this point, get yourself ready with full devotion and concentration.

Now place the mango leaves on the mouth of the kalash and place the coconut inside the kalash. Then tie the red sacred thread around the neck of the kalash. Sprinkle the gangajal in all the rooms and offer sandalwood powder and fresh grass to Goddess durga. Now, place fresh flowers and paan and clove. Now, you can proceed for the Havan and perform it by chanting mantra “Om aing hreeng kleeng chamundaya vichche namah“. You will have to give aahuti for 11 times and pray with your whole heart.

Now fold your hand and pray and bend in front of the almighty power. At last, offer prasad and perform the aarti of Goddess Durga by holding the deep with both of your hands and moving it in a circular motion. Now, sing the "Kshama Prarthana" of the 13th chapter of sacred Durga Saptshati and then perform the pooja for her. With all these, your Navratri pooja is complete and now you can distribute the prasad to your friends and belongings.

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