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Navratri Colours 2019

Navratri is very auspicious festival for Hindus in India; all devotees worshiped Goddess Durga and her nine forms during Navratri nine days. Goddess Shailputri is first goddess of Navratri festival, devotees start their fast on this day and Navratri ends with worship of Maa Siddhidhatri.

Navratri Colours

Navratri First Day Colour

Navratri first day is also known as Pratipada , On this day, devotees performed Ghatsthapna at their homes and worshiped Sri Shailputri Devi. Devotees should be dressed in Yellow colour on this day.

Navratri Second Day Colour

2nd day of Navratri is also known as Dwitiya, in this day Goddess Durga second form Bharmacharini is worshiped and devotees should wear Green Colour in this day.

Navratri Third Day Colour

Third day of Navratri is celebrated as Tritiya, Mata Chandraghanta is worshiped on this day. Colour of the day is Grey.

Navratri Fourth Day Colour

Navratri fourth day is famous as Chaturthi also; devotees worshiped Maa Kushmanda on this auspicious day. Orange Colour is decided for the day.

Navratri Fifth Day Colour

Fifth day of Navratri is famous as Panchami and it is the day of Goddess Skandamata. Devotees should have on White colour dress on this day.

Navratri Sixth Day Colour

Sixth day of Navratri is also known as Shashti. This day is celebrated in the favour of goddess Katyayni Devi and devotees should wear Red colour dress on this day.

Navratri Seventh Day Colour

Colour of Navratri Seventh day is Blue and devotees recognized this 7th day as Saptami also and Mata Kaalratri is goddess of this day.

Navratri Eighth Day Colour

On this auspicious day, Mata Maha Gauri is remembered and this 8th day is also known as Ashtami, and Pink colour dress should wear on this day. In many parts of India, devotees break their fast on this day.

Navratri Ninth Day Colour

Siddhidatri Maa is worshiped in Navratri 9th day and also known as Navami. Ram Navami festival is also major festival and usually falls on ninth day of Chaitra Navratri. Purple Colour dress is recommended on this auspicious day.

Navratri Tenth Day Colour – Peacock Green

Also known as Dashmi and very famous Dussehra festival is also celebrated on this day. Dussehra falls on 10th day of Sharad Navratri . Peacock Green colour is recommended for this day.

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