Navratri Celebration in West Bengal


In West Bengal, Navratri celebration is the biggest event of the year. People celebrate navratri with huge dedication. Here, last four days are the most important which are from the seventh day to the tenth day. They celebrate navratri as the Durga pooja in all the cities of west Bengal. It is believed that on Navratri, Goddess Durga descends from the heaven and blesses all her devotees and spreads happiness and removes all the ignorance and evil from them.

Goddess Durga is the main goddess in Navratri in West Bengal. She is considered to be the destroyer of evil and devotees worship her in the form of Durga pooja. Durga ma exists in a complete state of self-sufficiency and she is independent from the whole universe. They set up her idols of assassinating Mahishasura in the pandals almost everywhere. Goddess Durga is considered to have all eight siddhis. The idols of kartikey and ganesha is also set up with her idol and is worshipped dedicately. People also conduct various cultural festivals like dance performances, dramas and depiction of the goddess where she destroy mahishasura (demon king). It is said that she is the collective energy from all gods including Bhrama, Vishnu and Shiv.

On the sixth day of Navratri, shashti pooja is organised and on the ninth day, ayudha pooja is organised. Devotees place their tools and children put their books and writing tools in front of Goddess and start worshipping. On the tenth day, saraswati pooja is finished and devotees seek for the blessings of wisdom and peace of mind.

The festivals goes for four days and at the last day, the idol of Goddess Durga is taken and submerged into the water bodies or lakes. On the tenth day, Vijayadashami is marked with sindur khela where married women wear red and white or red and yellow saree smear vermilion on the idol of durga ma and on other married women.

During these spiritual days of navratri, people in large crowd visit Dakshineswar Temple in Kolkata. West bengal is a must visit during navratri. The view of celebrating the navratri festival is fascinating. They celebrate it with devotion, music and by dancing. The cities are decorated just like a bride and all come together to get involved in the sacred pooja of goddess Durga. The celebration here shows the rich culture of this state.