Navratri Celebration in Gujarat


Navratri festival in Gujarat serves a great purpose when it comes to serve a great purpose in adding joy and excitement in daily life. India is known as the land of festivals. It would not be wrong to state that Gujarat is known as the capital of india in terms of festivals and celebrations. And Navratri is among the most energetic, most vibrant and most awaited festival in Gujarat.

Navratri is the festival of nine nights and is celebrated in honor of divine power of goddess Durga. According to ancient texts, Lord Rama fought with Ravana for nine days and killed him on the tenth day. So the tenth day is celebrated for victory of good over evil. It is also believed that Lord Rama worshipped nine forms of Goddess durga for nine days (nine sources of power).

Garba is the most popular form of dance in gujarat. As time passed, there have been numerous changes in this popular dance form and has been modified. Apart from garba, People also perform Dasiyu, Ek taali, Paanshiyu, Dodhiyu, etc. On these days, people in Gujarat wear colorful dresses and costumes to perform these dance forms. Even the youth is very fascinated about this festival.

Navratri in Gujarat is must see for everyone. It is celebrated with Garba function organised by all societies and regions across the state. They have also started to organize bigger parties in lawns and stadiums. In some way, it is also a good thing for the economy as people spends thousands of rupees on costumes and functions which gives employment to unemployed which stables the economy in the state.

People In Gujarat celebrate it with great devotion and dedication. They visit to temples, fast and celebrate it with throwing up great navratri poojan. During the festival, women wear heavy jewelry and men wear kaido. They celebrate the night by performing ras dance or Garba. People from villages and cities gather in open spaces to celebrate the sacred Shakti. They perform pooja and after begins the music. They celebrate the nine days by grouping them in three parts where they worship Ma durga for the first three days, Ma laxmi for the next three days and ma saraswat for the last three days.

Vadodara is considered the capital of Gujarat culturally. For a variety of functions, you may want to visit some villages too. It will be worth visiting there.