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Navratri Vrat Katha

Here the devotees can explore “Navratri Katha” as this story delivers a symbolic message about the truth that however the powerful and admirable may the evil become, it is always the goodness that wins over all the evils.

Navratri Katha

The story begins with the severities performed by the two sons of Danu called Rambha and Karambha with the motive to gain extreme power and control. Due to their extremeties, the king of all gods ‘Indra’ came into great trouble and he killed Karambha. After Rambha came to know about his brother’s death, he decided to rule over the gods. He increased the level of his rigidity and attains several boons and weapons from gods such as bravery, beauty, brilliance and a special boon of not getting defeated and killed by any Humans or Gods or Asuras.

After his boons, he considered himself to be deathless and he went to roam freely in the gardens of Yaksh where he saw a female buffalo. He fell in love with her and thus to express his love for thatshe-buffalo he turned himself as a male buffaloand united with that buffalo.Immediately after this the real male buffalo discovered Rambha breeding with the female buffalo and killed him.

Rambha was killed due to his ego itself because he didn’t ask to secure his death from the anger of animals.As Rambha was put on fire for the funeral, the female buffalo jumped into the funeral fire to express her love. The she-buffalo was pregnant at that moment. Then the demon came out with the buffalo head and the human body named Mahisasur.

Mahisasur with his powers defeated Gods and Demons and became most powerful on the earth. He captured Indra and ruled heaven declaring himself as the Lord of Gods. All Devtas approached Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva making them aware about the situation and then they produced the ‘Light of Anger’that formed ‘Durga’.All gods granted their top weapons to empower Durga.

Now when Mahisasur, saw the goddess was gripped by her beauty and he proposed goddess to marry him. The goddess said, you defeat me in the battle then I’ll marry you.The battle began and continued for nine days and on the last day Durga appeared as Chandika and smashing him down by putting her foot on his chest. She then cut off his head with sword and thus this day is celebrated as Vijayadashmi.

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