Fifth Day of Navratri - Skanda Mata

'Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu, Skanda Mata Devi Rupen Samshthita | Namashtashyi Namastashyi, Namastashyi Namo Namah ||'

'To that Devi, who present in all forms is abiding in the fifth form of Maa Bhawani known as Skanda Mata Devi, Many Salutations to Her, Many Salutations to Her, Millions Salutations again and again.'

The fifth personification of Goddess Durga is ‘Skanda Mata’. She is the mother of lord Kartikeya who was chosen by the devtas to be the chief commander of the force in the war against the demons. Goddess Skandamata holds Lord Skanda in his baby form and holds a lotus in her right hand. In her portrait, she has four arms and three eyes. Her complexion is bright seated on a lotus flower which is the reason she is also called ‘Padamasani’. Her left arm is meant to give blessings to her devotees.

Skand Maa

Chaitra Navratri Fifth Day 2019 Date: 10th April, 2019 (Wednesday)

Skandamata is the daughter of Himalaya and sometimes she is worshipped in the form of Goddess Parvati, Mata Gauri or Maheshwari. Our holy books narrate a story where a great demon named ‘Tarkasur’ did a very tough penance. He was able to please Bhramaji with his devotion and years of penance. When Bhramaji appeared to fulfill his boon, he asked him to become immortal. On this wish, Bhramaji told him that no one can escape death.

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One who has been born on earth has to go one day. On this, Tarkasur thought that Lord Shiv will never get married and cleverly asked for the death by the son of Lord Shiv. On this statement, his boon was granted.

He considered himself to be invincible and started disturbing people on the earth. Considering this act, all the devtas went before Lord Shiv and requested him to get married. Lord Shiv agreed to get married to Goddess Parvati and they had a son named ‘Kartikey’ who killed Tarkasur.

Skandamata formed the foundation of the relationship between mother and son. She gives immense love and affection to the devotees who worship her on this day of Navratri. It is believed that her followers enter in ‘Vishudh (undiluted) Chakra’ during the pooja of Goddess Durga. It is a state where a person moves towards the undiluted thoughts. It's been said that one can feel the removal of impurities and tensions and can immerse themselves in the adherence of Mata Skanda.

Worshiping Mata Skanda On the fifth day can give you immense pleasure and peace to your soul and you will become free from meaningless anxieties of life will witness the divine happiness endowed by Goddess Skandamata. It is also believed that Skandamata never let any person returns empty handed. If one worships her will all heart and soul, she will show the directions towards Moksha.

Shri Skand Devi Mata Mantra to recite

Sinhaasangataam Nityam Padmaanchit Kardwayaa | Shubhdaastu Sadaa Devi Skandmata Yashaswini ||