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Dussehra 2019 Date

‘Dussehra’ is a major Hindu festival in India; it is celebrated on the tenth day after nine sacred nights of Sharad Navratri (usually end of the year). In Sanskrit language, the meaning of Dussehra is “Dasha” (Ten Evils) +”Hara” (Defeat) i.e. defeat the ten evils. This Festival is also known as ‘Vijayadashami’. The meaning of Vijayadashami in Sanskrit language is “Vijaya” (Victory) + ”Dashami” (Tenth day) and devotees celebrated this festival in the honour of Lord RAM as the victory of the God Rama (good) over the demon king Ravana(evil). “Dussera”,”Dashera”,”Dasara” are also famous names of Dussehra in different regional languages.

Dussehra 2019 Date

It is not only Indian festival and is celebrated in some other countries also such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Sumatra and Japan etc. In Nepal Vijayadashami is spelled as Dashain. Some popular rituals and events are performed on the day of Dussehra known as ‘Shastra Puja’,’Shami Puja’ and ‘Aparajita Puja’ etc. According to the Hindu calendar these rituals should be perform during Aparahna time.

Dussehra Date in 2019

Dussehra is falling dated on October 08, 2019 (Tuesday)

How to Celebrate Dussehra in India?

In most of Northern and western India, Dussehra festival is celebrated in the honour of Lord RAM (eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu). Various actors’ plays Ramlila based on great Hindu epic Ramayana at outdoor fairs. Ramlila has been held during Navratri nine days and on the tenth day an Actor who dressed as Lord Rama destroy huge effigies of demon Ravana, Kumbhakaran (Brother of Ravana) and Meghnath (Son of Ravana) on a big ground.

These three effigies are also attached with a lot of crackers and fireworks. At the end of Ramlila Lord Rama (actor who dressed as Lord Rama) shoots a flaming arrow to the direction of effigy of Ravana and as the crackers catch fire, all effigies starts burning. The atmosphere is filled with sound of crackers, and people feels victory of Lord Ram over the demon king Ravana.

In the evening time the People lit the clay diyas and put those outside the home and believe that it is their welcome to the Lord Rama & his wife Sita. People wear new cloths in this day and distribute gifts to their family members and to the friends.

Dussehra 2019 Muhurata and Puja Timings:
1. Vijay Muhurat - 14:11 to 14:56
    Duration: 0 Hour 44 Minutes
2. Ararahna Puja - 13:24 to 15:42
     Duration: 2 Hours 17 Minutes

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