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Navratri is not only festival of India, devotees from all over world celebrates this most auspicious time. There are total five types of Navratris but three Navratri events are not popular, even many people do not know more about its coming date and time and its celebration, these Navratri names are Magh Navratri, Gupt Navratri and Paush Navratri. On the other hand Shardiya (Sharad) and Vasant (Chaitra) Navratri are most popular navratris and celebrated majorly in each part of India. Navratri has many different names and celebrated differently in different part of India such as in west Bengal devotees celebrate Navratri as Durga Puja, In Punjab it is Navratrey while in North and central India devotees celebrate Navratri in the form of Navdurga.

Many people from all over the world wants to read many good Navratri articles, blogs and important information such as Navratri coming dates, shubh muhurta, pujan vidhi and etc. Indian devotees celebrated these festivals but still a lot of people do not know about Navaratri pujan vidhi, fasting rules and procedure and how to maintain akhand jyoti, so we are here to let you know all these things.

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